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We often do not realize the immense power of travel until we take a break from routine andventure off.  The thrill, rush, excitement, the relaxation and joy of something new is what living is all about and is therapeutic in its effect.  Whetherit is the beaches of Hawaii, the mountains of the Himalayas, the deserts of Death Valley, or the ruins of an ancient civilization, travel is a truly wondrous and enriching part of life.  From an elephant ride on safari in Kenya, to zip-lining in the jungles of the Amazon, to adventure sports such as skiing, biking, hiking, or even a trip around the world, traveling smart makes all the difference.  How does one travel smart?  

One increasingly popular way to travel is the Vacation Rental.  Indeed, the benefits of Vacation Rentals are quickly converting those who in the past would have probably resorted to a hotel room for their accommodation.  But the advantages of a home are great. Vacation Rentals offer enormous value to the dollar.  Homes provide more space and privacy — a hotel of the same size would be much pricier.  In a home, for example, you can wake up to prepare a meal using a full kitchen and grill. You may opt to eat in the dining room or step outside and enjoy your meal in the fresh air. Instead of the dormitory style accommodations found in many hotels, Vacation Rentals give you a communal area, more bathrooms, laundry rooms, and countless amenities such as your own patio, pool, fireplace and yard. Vacation Rentals can be conveniently found in travel destinations, resort towns, and cultural centers all across the world.

Using, you can mix and match your vacation and connect easily to Homeowners online.  We’re confident that using our service will help you streamline your trip so you and those close to you can just relax and go.  Rest assured that here at Rentini, customer satisfaction is our number one priority along with safety and security. A small but devoted team of experts are working hard to deliver a reliable, intuitive, and simple way for Homeowners to effectively manage and rent their home, so that their property is shown in the best light, in a way that garners the traffic it deserves.  Travelers will revel in the benefits.

At, we pride ourselves on providing the necessary tools to empower the Homeowner to have maximum control over their rental while expending minimal effort.  Our aim is to help responsible travelers find exactly what they’re looking for, including the activities in which they wish to partake, and to reward great Homeowners with optimum traffic to their rental.

A famous quote in relation to travelers holds, “The world is a book and those who do not travelread only one page”.  At, we have come to deliver you that book and we hope that by looking at our pages, you’ll find some of your own.

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