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Traveler Orientation!

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If you are planning a vacation, one of your first questions these days is, Which accommodation should I choose?  Should I stay in a Hotel or try a Vacation Rental?  The answer to this depends entirely on you and what you want. In order to help sort out what’s right for you, we’ve written up a few of the pros and cons of each.  Our goal isn’t to be impartial.  Rather, we just want to give some credit to each side of the “divide”.

A Resort Hotel or a Vacation Rental?

On the one hand, Vacation Rentals naturally tend to feel homier than hotels. Given that a rental often has the luxuries of a home, such as an entertainment system complete with a collection of films, music, video games, board games, and reading materials, many people find it easier to settle in to a rental.  Space is a biggie, too.  Instead of booking multiple rooms ,a rental will have the openness and connectedness of a home where everyone hastheir space, including the common area and yard.  In fact, the great advantage of vacation homes is that they tend to have more room than hotels. This is partly why so many people swear by the value of a vacation home. For families, groups, and couples, the vacation home is often exactly what they want.

On the other hand, many hotels offer services that aren’t typically included in arental.  While some vacation homes include a concierge on duty, a daily cleaner, room service, a driver, and other outside services, these are more commonly found within the realm of resort hotels.  Many people enjoy the freedom and ability to prepare a meal using the full-kitchen and grill at a rental; others may prefer to have a professional cater meals to them.

If youprefer personnel at your service, a resort hotel might be right for you. You spend your life at home doing chores, minding your own business,having everything catered to you just might be the break you’re looking for. Many luxury hotels typically have a fitness room, spas and pools,restaurants, stores, information desks, and plenty of staff available. Some even have nannies, cigar rooms, and a host of other services. Think the full package deal whereby you can go and choose what you wantand when you want it.  Tourist activities are on call.

This is great, you say.  At a hotel, a cleaner will come in, change my sheets, andmake my bed every morning!  While it is nice having a change of sheets and fresh towels everyday, this luxury has a hidden cost. And it isn’t exactly good for the environment, either.  Hotel washing machines are often perpetually in motion, utilizing precious resources like water and electricity.  At a vacation rental, you can decide how your bed looks.  There are usually spare sheets and extra towels there anyway.  But if need be, you can always wash sheets and towels along with your clothes in the laundry room.

Vacation rentals are often private, do-it-yourself affairs.  If you want to get all the services of a luxury resort hotel, a little more planning is necessary.  

True,  many vacation homes also have pools.  Some include country-club access. On Rentini, you’re told up front what amenities are included and what activities are “nearby” that you can access on your own.  We like to think of it as empowering the individual — you — to search and select what you want.  

You have the freedom of choice, the ability to decide for yourself, on your own terms. If you want to throw a little gathering, you can do so.  In the end, you’ll likely end up saving more than if you had chosen a luxury hotel.

Vacation rentals also have the added cache of getting some local flavor.  You’ll likely be staying in a family-owned home instead of a corporate-owned hotel. The decor will reflect the individuality and personality of the owners aswell as local ambiance.  At a rental, you can bring your whole family, ora group of friends.  Often, the pets can come too.

The decision is yours.  At Rentini, we’re here to help you find what you’relooking for.

Best regards,
the people at Rentini

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  1. Absolutely written articles, regards for selective information. “The earth was made round so we would not see too far down the road.” by Karen Blixen.

    • Thanks, Donny! Feel free to request that we write about a certain topic or issue and we’ll certainly consider it. Best wishes!

  2. k Hayden said:

    I enjoy both hotel and vacation rental. Hotels are nice because of the fun atmosphere which normally consist of more activities on the facility etc. Vacation rentals are great when traveling with the family, normally more cost effective and home feeling.

  3. I enjoy both hotel and vacation rental. Hotels are nice because of the fun atmosphere which normally consist of more activities on the facility etc. Vacation rentals are great when traveling with the family, normally more cost effective and home feeling.

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