Rentini provides useful and exciting travel insights. From adventures to marketing tips for vacation rental owners, we want to help you travel as it's meant to be – easy, refreshing, & fun!

Exciting New Features!


As you might have noticed, a lot is new at Rentini. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a new logo (see above)! It’s not that we disliked the old one; it’s just that it didn’t work as a standard logo across the site. As we created new pages, the logo sometimes looked awkward and out of place, dragging down the overall beauty of the site. Plus, many of you commented that you thought it looked “cut-off” at the bottom, that it felt incomplete. We hope you like our new logo.

So what else is new? Lots! We also have a new map! If you were from “Paraguay,” to give one example, you would have been upset that the old map had your country appear as “Pennsylvania”. That was actually a joke, believe it or not. Given that our map–unique as it was–was a temporary solution, our programmers just couldn’t help but throw a few curve-balls in there for kicks. Now, we hope you enjoy our new–politically correct–map!

On to our really exciting features!

Yes, you’ve never seen these before and we’ve never before mentioned them.
They are found in the Dashboard. What is that?
Having signed up, you are directed to create a user Profile.

You select what activities interest you as a traveler — art and culture, skiing and fishing, wining and dining, among others.
You exercise your creativity with your personal “motto”.
You go on to write a brief description of yourself.
And of course, you upload a personal photo.
Your profile is a window into who you are, giving us and other Rentiniers an idea.

Each Rentini user has a Dashboard, complete with a “Trips” page. This page has full details of your reservations and payments.

On your Properties page, you have full control over your property calendars and the actions you’d like to take regarding properties you own and manage, including scheduling.
You can see Past and Future reservations for your property. These pages are set up so that you have full functionality and control, in the easiest possible way. It’s the perfect layout for keeping your properties up-to-date and your events simple and under control.  Whether we’re talking about your getaways or your property management duties, Rentini helps you get it on.

We could write ad nauseum about all the changes that go on at Rentini. Most of them you cannot see, or don’t notice, but exist nonetheless. For example, we’re enhancing our buttons, to allot enough space for text to fit inside the parameters of the button. This will allow us to translate the site into multiple languages and to prevent the words from overlapping. As we internationalize, this will become an essential piece of the puzzle.

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