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Back when the weather was nice, Rentini embarked on a journey through the bucolic village town of East Hampton, New York, home to sites of historic wonder and, today, a world-renowned vacation location.  

On our way to East Hampton, we spotted an off-road market surrounded by farmland. Pulling off the paved road onto gravel, we parked and walked over to the tables. There was an abundance of fruits and vegetables on offer—plums, peaches, berries, watermelon, cantaloupe, pears, apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, tomatoes, onions, nuts, squash, eggplant. We came away with much of the food we would consume during the rest of our trip. It felt good to support the local farmers so that they may continue to sow their crops and help feed themselves and their neighbors for many generations to come. This also gave us the opportunity to stretch after being on the road for over an hour. We breathed in, inhaling the fresh country air. It was a beautiful day, with idyllic clouds floating through clear skies.

Every vacation needs flowers.

Our Home

We stayed the weekend in a beautiful vacation home. The home had a light and airy feel about it, which helped us unwind. We felt very relaxed and comfortable there. Built in mid-century, it was fully equipped with modern technology while at the same time giving us plenty of privacy and time to ourselves. The downtown areas–and Main Beach–were a short drive away. We enjoyed using the full kitchen, grill, and fire pit to make home cooked meals. It was the perfect getaway, where pensiveness and joy intermingle. The sunshine was so refreshing, especially while lying on the hammock, resting under the gazebo, or sitting by the lake.

Our weekend pad.

Chillin’ on the patio.
Gimme s’more!
We had our very own pinball machine. Hitting a high score–not allowing the ball to gutter–is a formidable challenge.
The home looks empty without us.
Hammock makes life better.
Pantigo Windmill
The next day we were back at our desks, creating the user experience for people like you. The trip to East Hampton would last only a weekend, but the memories will last forever.

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