Rentini provides useful and exciting travel insights. From adventures to marketing tips for vacation rental owners, we want to help you travel as it's meant to be – easy, refreshing, & fun!

Can you believe it? Things just keep getting better here at Rentini. Our developers are working hard to bring you a seamless, simple, and easy way to travel and/or rent your property.

So wh
at’s new? I tell you — all the changes are hard to keep up with. Everyday things are evolving — and improving. Components are built up from scratch, while others are fine-tuned. New ideas are hatched, while others are rethought. Given that the wheels are in motion, I will give you a little taste of what is new, focusing on a few of the latest and greatest features. 
Major focuses now are the management tools homeowners need for their rental business. One focal point I can tell you about is the edit functions for the “My Listings” feature. 

My Listings are the properties you list on Rentini.
The section gives you many options to control the properties — to view, edit, and add photos to your listings. It also gives you the option to view your property calendar.

Behind the scenes, we’ve started a new step in our drive towards internationalization. We’ve begun translating our third language with Russian. While we’ve been adding Spanish little by little for testing purposes, we’re working on correcting the grammar, beautifying the wording, translating more, stylizing and modifying the spacing to accommodate differences in translation. We’re doing this so that native Spanish speakers won’t yell in exasperation, “Speak Spanish, Rentini!” As we work on these languages, we hone our process, using the language translation website MyGengo as our language depository. Soon, to be sure, we’ll have to nail these languages down — and add others. So now you know the first three languages of Rentini. Our efforts to internationalize will soon come to a language near you.

Also, you might have noticed that the homepage has undergone some changes. The most prominent change being the way in which the photos are shown. Where as before we had four static photos advertising different travel destinations, we now have several more, which circulate
from right to left. We call it our “carousel.”

Look to the little house icon — that house icon links to our homepage.  Click this or the logo to return to  But, don’t expect our site to look the same for long. It only gets better with time.

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