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The benefits of Vacation Rentals are quickly converting those who in the past would have resorted to a hotel room for their accommodation.  With good reason.  Vacation Rentals offer enormous value to the dollar.  Homes provide more space and privacy—a hotel of the same size is often pricier with fewer attractions.  In a home, for example, you can prepare a meal using a full kitchen and grill. You may opt to eat in the dining room or step outside and enjoy your meal in the fresh air.  Instead of the dormitory style accommodations found in many hotels, Vacation Rentals give you a familial communal area, more bathrooms, laundry rooms, and countless amenities such as your own patio, pool, fireplace and yard. Vacation Rentals can be conveniently found in travel destinations, resort towns, and cultural centers across the world.

Here are five reasons to book a vacation rental on your next trip:

1)  Personal space and privacy
Even the smallest Vacation Homes are often much larger than your average hotel room.  It is the perfect choice for families, groups of friends, or a romantic getaway for two.  

2)  Vacation homes offer a cornucopia of benefits.
Think flexible check-in/check-out times, personal amenities such as swimming pools, yards, patios, bicycles for cruising around town, boats and fishing gear, full-kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, laundry-rooms, living rooms, and state-of-the art entertainment systems.  Sometimes a vacation rental includes country-club access.  You’ll be surprised by all the luxurious amenities included.  

3)  Ambiance
Hotels are often bemoaned as compartmentalized, corporate owned units in sterile environments. Disgruntled guests come away feeling that they’ve only paid for the convenience of having four walls, a bed, and a bathroom.  Vacation Rentals, on the other hand, often provide family owned accommodations that make you feel right at home.  You’ll be doing business with an individual who likely knows the area well, and staying in their home will give you some local flavor.  Most homeowners are very friendly and welcoming.  They want you to have a successful trip, and will likely go out of their way to make your stay smooth and enjoyable.

4)  Pet friendly properties.  
You can find dog and cat friendly accommodations which permit your four-legged companions to join you for a true family vacation.  You can choose from great activities for dogs–such as hiking, biking (your dogs can run along), sledding, and cross-country skiing.   

5) Vacation destination!
Vacation Rentals can be found in virtually all tourist destinations, as well as special locales off the beaten path, whether they be ski resorts, beach houses, mountain cabins, lake front cottages, resort condominiums, or luxury villas.  

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