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People tend to notice how a face matures over time, and it’s no different with a website.  Our homepage is our face; the cover to our book.  That being said, you may have noticed a couple of changes recently. Yes, once again we have changed our logo, albeit very slightly.  The logo change is so minor that we challenge you to identify the difference.  Of course, for us this change is an improvement.  We wouldn’t have done it otherwise.  

Our homepage carousel has also been replaced.  Out with the sliding, rotating carousel.  In with individual photos replacing one another, one by one. They’re revealed in a manner reminiscent of opening blinds across a window.  Now it is less intrusive, and easier for the mind to digest.  

Another neat feature I can share with you is the ability for an owner to create a reservation on behalf of a user.  Homeowners can create a reservation for a guest, and the guest can then follow the link in their email to book and confirm their getaway.  

What’s also cool is that our developers have added to the homeowners calendar.  Now, homeowners can manipulate their calendar in a dynamic way.  For example, if you select dates within the Update Calendar section, memos will appear notifying you of any existing reservations or days you’ve set as unavailable that conflict with the dates you have selected.

You also might have noticed we updated our links throughout the website to make it crystal clear you are indeed hovering over a link.  

Countless changes have been made, and countless more are underway.  It is exciting to bear witness to the earliest stages of a new life.  And ask any mother and father, there is nothing quite like being in the room when a child is born.

There are two basic types of changes you’ll see on the site–front end and back end.  The front end is the user-interface, or what you see and interact with, the stylings and text work guides you through our website.  The back end is the information processing center.  This is where the code and architecture of the site are engineered and constructed.  

We invite you to tell us what you think of our efforts and offer any feedback you have for us as we move forward.

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