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Last night, I was browsing my Facebook feedafter returning home.  I scanned the feed lightly, waiting for somethingto catch my eye.  There it was.  An old friend from college hadposted “3 Reasons to Travel While You’reYoung,” written by Jeff Goins.  

Now, I usually don’t like titles like this. As I read the article it only confirmed how arbitrary the “3Reasons” part of the title was.  It reminds me of the title “7Habits of Highly Effective People”.  Any number over 10 is harderfor the mind to digest.  It invokes thoughts of greater length and time.  Jeff chosea low number and it helped. His reasoning has racked up 78,185 “likes”on Facebook, and counting.

Of course, the article appeals to a guy like me–a guy who has had the “travel bug” for years.  It appeals to all of us whostill cling to our youth.

Jeff’s message is clear: Just go!  No excuses–justdo it!  He goes on to explain many of the enriching and enlightening aspects oftravel.  Damn, is he baiting me? It’s like he’s reading my mind.

He sure is hitting on some truth, too.  Many of us are blind, though we see. Put another way, many of us talk and talk, but never venture off.  That remote destination, that far-flung climate, that exotic landscape, the sights, sounds, and smells remain an abstraction.  The world waits, Jeff reminds us.  So, explore the world like a toddler in a playpen!  I’m starting to soundlike a cheesy version of Jeff, with all the enthusiasm and little of the reasoning.

But one thing’s for sure: To travel is a beautiful thing.  

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