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Dunkeld Cathedral, Scotland

Hi there, fellow traveler! This is Ilya–a proud techie Rentinier! I took a storytelling class yesterday and felt like it was a good time to practice my creative abilities and share something that I’ve been itching to get out in the open for a while. Besides coding and working on various technologies, I am a big fan of traveling. Naturally, we all are here at Rentini for a reason. As you probably know first-hand, traveling is a highly engaging and stimulating undertaking. It promotes curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about new places, people, and cultures. One of the things that I preserve from my travels is not just my memories of towns I’ve been to, the castles I’ve entered, and the mountains I’ve hiked. What I really like to remember is the feeling–the sights, sounds, and the tastes of a new place. After all, travel is not just an act of being in a new place; it is a state of being, with all five senses involved. 

Over the course of my travels, I have come up with a few techniques that help me keep traveling even when I’m back home. The simple thing that I do after returning from trips is set up a basic website where I upload the most interesting pictures from my trip (of course, who doesn’t do that?). Well, on top of that, I add links to destinations I’ve been, and Wikipedia pages of the most interesting food and beverages that I tasted, and I attach links to music or video clips that help me remember the sounds and visuals that contributed to my experience. And of course, the more tedious–but oh-so worth it–exercise: I add notes–be they comments on selected photos or just random anecdotes and stories that affected me. Here is an example of a site that helps me relive my visit to England/Ireland/Scotland – What an amazing trip it was! Be sure to click on the YouTube clip of The Dubliners. Listen to the words carefully. I could not stop a smile from coming over my face. I’m sure you won’t be able to either 🙂

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