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A well-maintained rental is a good rental.

Below is a list of common maintenance supplies you’ll likely need to have for your rental business. As some properties require very different maintenance, this list is by no means exhaustive.

Cloths and rags are great for cleaning. When you need a soft cloth, reach for a microfiber fabric.

For cleaning impervious surfaces, pots, pans, countertops, etc., sponges are a must-have.


You’ll want brushes: a scrub brush for cleaning surfaces, a toilet brush, and an old toothbrush for cleaning in small crevices.

Abrasive cleaner

Some creams or pastes contain abrasive ingredients for loosening grime and other hardened deposits on linoleum, tile, metal, or stone surfaces. Steel wool and soft woven scouring pads are handy for scrubbing surfaces clean.

Cleaning solutions

All-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, carpet and/or wood-floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid, and distilled vinegar are all good household cleaning agents.

Baking soda

Baking soda has various applications for cooking, cleaning, and has medicinal uses as well.

Rubber gloves

People have to protect themselves from chemicals. Enter rubber gloves for protecting hands.

For floor cleaning, soaking up liquid and wiping away dust, a mop is essential.

Sweeping is useful especially for cleaning at the corners and edges.

For dust and dirt that a broom will miss, you can thank your lucky stars that the vacuum cleaner was invented to suck it up.

Extendable duster

For dusting, you’ll want dusters that can reach ceiling cobwebs, behind bookcases, and other harder-to-reach places. You’ll want a regular duster for bookshelves and counter tops, too.

Dry cleaning sponge

For lifting away dust and dirt, lint and soot, from dry surfaces, a dry cleaning sponge is useful.

Plungers are necessary to clear up a blockage or otherwise remove an obstruction. While there are plungers made for sinks, it’s more likely that you’ll want to have plungers for toilets. Trust us, one of the last phone calls you’d even want to receive is from a guest complaining that the toilet is stopped up.

While you usually see people using squeegees on their car windshield, they are handy for window and floor cleaning in houses, too.

Shovel, rock salt or sand
If your rental is in or near a ski resort, chances are you’re going to need to keep your driveway and patio from icing over and snow from piling up. The shovel is necessary for removing excess snow, while you’ll need to spread rock salt and sand over ice to prevent skidding.

In case the smoke detector, remote controls, or wall clock need new batteries, it’s a good idea to have extras.

Light bulbs

For when light bulbs go out, you’ll want to have back-ups that match the bulbs in your home.

Supply caddy (bin)
Given that most of the above items are not in daily use, you’ll need to store them in something. Enter the caddy, a container where you’ll organize and transport many of your maintenance supplies.

Drain cleaner 

For unclogging drains, reach for a drain cleaner.

Hardware tools

A hammer, pliers, a screwdriver, nails and screws, and an adjustable wrench are handy tools to have.

Silicone rubber

It’s a good idea to store an adhesive for sealing up and protecting anything from liquid and extreme temperatures.

Wood glue

A common household item for keeping wood together, you’ll probably want wood glue at some point.

Duct tape

Strong, weatherproof duct tape is always a useful thing to have around.

Plumber’s tape

Also known as thread seal tape, plumber’s tape is used as a temporary solution to secure tapered thread and make other small plumbing repairs.

Furnace filters 

You’ll want to prevent airborne particles and dust-mites from emanating from the furnace and air conditioner. For that, use filters.

NOTE: These products are to be used only as directed. It is important for you to store them in safe places out of children’s reach.

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  1. joanniejprice said:

    We’re looking into some roofing companies in Hawaii to fix up our place down in Hawaii. We rent out the place pretty often, usually to friends, so we try to stay as up to date on repairs and maintenance as possible. I never considered these tips! We’ll definitely have to invest in some while we’re down there for the roof.

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