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Vacationers renting homes with ill-equipped kitchens are more likely to have mixed feelings about their overall experience. Here are a few basic considerations that will help you avoid having a guest recall their frustration with your kitchen as they write a review of your home. 

Have plenty of dining ware.  If your home sleeps six, have at least twelve sets of dishes and utensils. Realistically, you’ll want to have plenty extra dining-ware, two to three times more than the number of guests that the home sleeps. Vacationers would prefer not to wash utensils and cookware repeatedly in preparation for their next meal. They don’t want to hand-wash the same dishes they used for breakfast to eat lunch, or keep the dishwasher in perpetual motion while partially full.  Further, it’s common for groups to rent two homes and choose one to congregate to for communal meals. They wouldn’t risk carrying dishes from one home to the other, though. So, prepare your kitchen well.

We recommend you stock various kinds of kitchenware and dining sets, for regular meals, for fancy meals, and different foods.  Even include plastic-ware for the children or for a barbeque by the pool or yard. Some guests are likely to be foodies and cooks. They’d love a kitchen full of appliances, gadgets, knife sets, utensils, etc., to use towards preparing their favorite recipes. Lets put it this way: If your kitchen can accommodate a skilled chef, consider it well equipped.  

Your kitchenware should reflect the location of your rental. Cold climate cookware, warm climate cookware…? We believe there’s a difference. One example would be a slow cooker for making soups and stews. Provide sufficient refrigeration for rentals in warm weather climates, too, so that fruit, veggies and drinks stay cool. 

Here is an article that lists things you’ll likely need to make your kitchen a well-equipped one. In the end, it’s all about your guests–giving them the vacation they deserve.

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