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New Developments

The people at Rentini are on the march! We’re working hard to make light where before only darkness existed. Each of us is doing our part to cultivate our web pages, and advance our cause. We’re keeping you in mind by regularly communicating and consulting with one another on issues of user import.

Our efforts continue to bear fruit. A few examples of recent developments include the Dashboard Alerts, the Owner Calendar, and the My Hosting functionalities.

Our Dashboard Alerts tell you what’s on your agenda as a Rentinier. You have X number of “Reservations” at your rental(s) in the next month. You have Y number of “Due balances” from guests, and you have Z number of “Reviews” in the last week.  

The Dashboard page includes previews of your latest alerts, but it also serves as your gateway for accessing everything you need to manage your account. This includes “helpful links” such as your Profile and Owner Calendar.

Our developers have just amended the Owner Calendar so that you may make changes in a more intuitive and simple way. When someone books your home via Rentini, your Owner Calendar will be updated automatically. You can also update your calendar manually by clicking on any date. This action will bring you to the Update Calendar page where you can manipulate your calendar. You can create a reservation on behalf of a guest with the option to add a one-time custom rate for this reservation. Of course, if you’re looking to update the rate for a date range, you can do so by selecting the “Rates” tab. And if you’d like to block dates to make them unavailable, you can do so under “Blocking”. 

Remember, every action is accompanied by a corresponding reaction. So, if someone books your home, or if you make an update, it will be reflected on your Owner Calendar. Clicking a reservation on the calendar will bring you to the reservation details page with the Reservation, Billing, and Contact info.

My Hosting functionalities have been upgraded, too. Selecting a single property will reveal your Availability Calendar which is marked with a Legend explaining the symbols on the calendar. We’ve developed a simple color-coded system to indicate the payment statuses of reservations whether unpaid and inactive, or active with partial or full payments, or blocked. Selecting the Reservations, Blocking, or Rates tab at the bottom of the My Hosting page will show your upcoming schedule for each of your rentals.   

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