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Your vacation rental is expected to be decorated for the sort of guest it is meant to attract and accommodate. If you’re advertising your rental as a luxury accommodation, guests will expect that it is furnished and decorated as just that. 

They’ll expect that all the mattresses be firm–of or near “orthopedic” quality. They’ll expect the sheets to be Egyptian cotton, or satin, or another luxury brand. Even if your property isn’t marketed as luxury, beds and sheets sell. The quality of the bed and bed-linen are selling points that could give your rental a competitive edge over a comparable one nearby.

On the other hand, if you’re advertising a log-cabin to hunters, hikers, or men on wilderness training expeditions, you probably don’t need to spend extra for the best of the best. Good is good enough. So long as the sheets are clean and comfortable, your guests aren’t likely to complain. 

Certain comforts and furnishings are expected in different markets and prices. The point is to make your home an inviting place. Have nice decor but don’t go overboard. You don’t want your home to look cluttered! You want your home to look inviting and comfortable. Moreover, if anything you want it to feel more comfortable than it looks. At the end of the day, your guests will appreciate it.

If your home is advertised as family friendly, or children friendly, guests expect that it is safe for children. Look around your property for sharp edges that could pose a danger to young ones running around. Cover sharp edges of your furniture and keep trinkets and small objects out of children’s reach.

It is important you choose your purchases wisely. It might be worth it for you to opt for durability, especially on items that are often used such as chairs. For other things, it’s usually worth it to spend less with an eye towards replacing the item.

There are two schools of thought on buying new furniture. On the one hand, at a vacation rental, various people are going to be using your furniture and things will need replacement more often than at your home where you live. So you might as well buy things cheap and replace them regularly. On the other hand, you might want to buy things that are used often with durability in mind and other things that aren’t likely to be used as much will be cheap. The better view is to furnish your home with quality and durability in mind. We believe it is better to spend a little more for higher quality than to spend less with the expectation something will break. Guests are more likely to disrespect your home once they realize it is cheaply furnished. Sometimes cheap things break unexpectedly. This could cause strain with your guests.

Finally, lock away personal items for your own use. Any items with sentimental value should be stored securely away, too. You wouldn’t want them to be damaged. To the guest, they won’t have the same significance and if the items happened to be damaged it would be difficult to find a compromise on the cost. To prevent this situation from arising, we recommend locking away these items in a secure place. 

Our last bit of advice is to decorate your home to match the location it is in. One of the reasons guests prefer vacation rentals over hotels is because the ambiance–the environment–adds local flavor and tastes. For this reason it is important to create a character around the interior of your home. If your rental is a beach house, the theme should reflect the kind of beach it is.  Adding family portraits among the art will give the home a nice personal touch.

Enjoy furnishing and decorating your rental! You’ll find that the process often requires you to create a balance between the practical and the aesthetic. The goal is to make your rental a warm, welcoming, and comfortable place to be.

Of course, it is important to create a balance between the practical and the aesthetic with your rental. Make your rental a warm, welcoming, and comfortable place to be.

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  1. I like this website it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.

    • Thank you very much, Tish! If you have any suggestions for us or you’d like to see us cover a certain topic, let us know. We love hearing from the community!

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