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With a new calendar on the wall, Rentini is ringing in the year with a fresh bunch of features.

This time, we’ve added profile photo-cropping, public profile pages, improvements in reservation management such as the ability to issue damage deposit refunds, and to remind guests of payments due.

With the new photo cropping tool, now when you upload a profile photo you will be given the option to crop your image. Clicking “never mind” will leave the full image size as the default. 

When your profile is complete, you will get to make a public profile. This is great for inspiring confidence in your guests or homeowner, etc. It also gives you a little personality and character. Here is an example of what a public profile looks like:

As a homeowner, on your reservations page you can simply remind a guest that a payment is due and you can issue damage deposit refunds with the click of a button. Notifications of your actions will be sent out and a documentary record is readily available to you.

Finally, we’ve dropped the “beta” from the domain. This doesn’t mean we’re out of beta but rather now you don’t have to add beta to in order to see the latest version of our website.

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