Rentini provides useful and exciting travel insights. From adventures to marketing tips for vacation rental owners, we want to help you travel as it's meant to be – easy, refreshing, & fun!

More cool features!

So, what’s new at Rentini? A great deal as usual. We’re out and about–trying new things and aiming to make Rentini the website you’ve been waiting for! New features are our forte, but we’re setting our sights on creating interesting experiences, building on current relationships and establishing new bonds.

With this in mind, our developers have yet again released a bunch of awesome features.

The developers have enabled cropping of property images. Cropping is a helpful tool for removing unwanted details or subjects of an image. If you’re uploading a photo of your house, but neighbor Joe can be seen scooping up his dog’s business in the side of the picture – crop it out! You may want to focus on different parts of the image; cropping will help you do that, too. Another important use for cropping is to change the aspect ratio. Aspect ratios are the dimensions of an image. Sometimes an image may seem too tall or too wide and too repetitive. Cropping is useful for eliminating waste and keeping things simple for viewers. Once you’ve uploaded photos for your property listing on Rentini, clicking on the scissors icon next to an image opens our cropping tool.

Another new development is that vacation rental owners can now see their past reservations. As a homeowner or manager, simply go to Rentals on your Dashboard and you will see your schedule of past and future reservations. Clicking the tab “Past Reservations” reveals your rental history. At the bottom of your Rentals page, you can filter information for Reservations, Blockings, and Rates. This will show your past schedules. Clicking on one of the reservations will bring you to your Reservation Details page for that reservation. This page, as I’ve mentioned previously, shows your Reservation, Billing, and Contact info relative to the booking you selected. 

We’ve recently added our social networking buttons, too. These buttons allow you to share Rentini with the world at large. “Like” a property photo on Facebook, “plus one” a property page on Google+, “Tweet” about Rentini on Twitter, send your friend an email about booking a reservation. All this is now possible thanks to these buttons! If you like what you see, we encourage you to click and share it.

Finally, we have a couple of new domains: for European Union members, and for travel enthusiasts. We’d like to create a truly global travel network based around travel and vacation rentals. This is good for business, good for country and good for international cooperation. A little something for everyone.

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