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It wasn’t my first time visiting Los Angeles. Nor was it my last. This time was a bit different though. This time was particularly special because I received an invitation from my friend Viktor to stay at his house. It was a special privilege for me since I would be one of the first people staying at his own house. He had moved to LA about half a year prior to my visit and had recently bought a house for his lovely family of three. However, being a very social and lively person he made sure that his residence had a separate smaller house for guests. I couldn’t be happier for him! I must admit, that I also felt pretty lucky that I could stay at his house as a guest of honor.

In the morning, as Californian sun started beaming through the shades of the cozy one bedroom guest house, I walked out into the small garden and stumbled upon an orange tree. Breakfast was served and all I had to do was just raise my hand and take a fresh orange ball full of flavor. It was very refreshing waking up in an environment that felt like home–well it was home.

Later on, while working on I often talked to Viktor about various bells and whistles that the site offers and one day suggested that he try it out. Viktor didn’t consider leasing out his guest house since the intention was for friends and family. However, he agreed to give it a try to see if he liked the experience. His concern was that he didn’t know how to start and what to do. At Rentini we make it our goal to help out new homeowners who have little or no experience with the process. Every feature is carefully thought out to make sure that things are easily understood both by an expert homeowner and by someone who is just getting started.  

Rentini school is in session at (C) loop_oh

In fact, we were so inspired by this experience that we decided that we wanted to give a helping hand to anyone who has any questions regarding property rental experience. We opened Rentini School – you can email us at to get answers to your questions.

No matter what your level of experience with property renting is, whether you’re a seasoned vacation rental owner or new to this line of business or if you’re a traveler who likes vacationing in comfortable environments of house rentals, we’d like to hear your questions and comments. Go ahead, start the conversation!

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