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It’s official! Rentini’s new site is live and launched. We’ve listened to your feedback and have strived to make the most user friendly site on the vacation rental market.

The founders of Rentini created the site after realizing the current vacation rental websites had inadequate tools to properly manage a vacation rental. The idea of the website was to make life easier for homeowners and give them a platform to run their rental property as a business.

As a homeowner, I’d struggled with these problems. I was unable to process reservation payments; I had to give my login password to the housekeepers and other parties involved in the running of the house so they had access to the booking calendar; and lastly, my property was frequently lost in the sea of thousands of other properties.

Inadequate search functions meant my vacation rental rarely came up in searches, people who were specifically looking for my rental were unable to find it, and for the exuberant amounts of money I was paying to list on these sites, I wasn’t satisfied.

Rentini has addressed all these problems.  Travelers can search the listings via keywords, destinations, interests, dates and number of guests. They can book and pay for their reservation easily through Rentini and best of all, it’s free to join and there are no booking fees.

Homeowners can list their property for free and have access to a first class property management feature. Rentini offers homeowners a free website built easily from a collection of templates and powered through Rentini. This means homeowners can effectively manage their rental, from bookings to payment, right from their own professional website, while running the whole thing through Rentini.

Homeowners can share the booking calendar with others involved in the upkeep of the property with all housekeepers having their own login to the site with access only to the information relevant to them. Offline reservations can easily be integrated into the calendar and up to 50 photos can be uploaded to each listing, providing a great opportunity to show off each property.

Rentini’s social media pages are also live and the company plans to utilize these platforms to treat users to some exciting travel competitions and campaigns.

Rentini’s first press release announcing the new website was released today and it is clear, Rentini is now the place to be for listing your vacation home, and finding your next vacation accommodation.

What are you waiting for? Get on board!

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