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In this day in age, it can seem like just about everyone has a website. People are increasingly using a website in place of a resume when applying for jobs, for example. Just as the traditional resume print-out is becoming a thing of the past, so too are self-printed brochures vacation rental owners would mail out through the post being replaced by more digital forms of distribution. The website has emerged, above all, as the virtual address for vacation rentals, and for good reasons.

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Why is a website so important for selling your vacation rental?

There are a multitude of answers to why websites are essential:

Website for El Alto Lucerto vacation rental in MexicoFirst, a website address is easier to remember. You strike a bond with the passenger sitting next to you on the plane. You inform them that you have a vacation home you rent out to guests. The neighbor – who feels like more of a friend after many hours spent being airborne together – is interested in learning more, perhaps even staying there himself. Where could they find out more, they ask you. While you could respond by telling him how to search and find your property on VRBO or give them your HomeAway property ID, making sure he writes the number down correctly, it would be more effective if you could tell him the name of your website – Or, better yet, hand him your business card with the website typed on the card. How easy!

Put short, a website gives you greater control. You choose your website domain. You choose the title that appears on your website. You choose your property description; your about us section. It is in your own voice.

True, you could have original content on your property listing, but you’ll have a long heavy web address that is a subdomain of another website. Many websites will also show your listing among other “similar listings” or “nearby properties”. You certainly don’t want potential guests to be shown other options along with your property. Your property should stand alone, not be part of a crowd. A website gives you that freedom.

A Website Gives You Vacation Rental Independence

Waipouli Condo at Kauai Website powered by Rentini

The “Seagull” template powered by was the vacation rental owners first choice for their website and it shows why.

Having your own website gives you independence in various ways. For example, you could create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media pages and link them to your website. This will help draw web traffic to your property website, hopefully increasing foot traffic and revenue to your rental business.

Having a website will give you the ability to utilize paid keyword searches – such as Google Adwords – to advertise your property. Your own website will also enable you to run site analytics so you can measure the amount of web traffic coming in to your website and, in turn, how much of this traffic is converting to guest bookings.

Having a website gives you the ability to add a means for guests to contact you directly. Add an email, phone number, or a simple form for guests to fill out or ask a question if you prefer. You can have an email address associated with your website, which will give you greater authenticity with potential guests. The benefits to having your own vacation rental website are many, but all in all they can boost business.

And running your own website doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance. Our company,, provides websites to homeowners for free. We provide beautiful templates to choose from so your website comes pre-built for you. It literally takes a minute to set up your own website.

If you already have purchase a domain name for your vacation rental, linking it with your website at Rentini is a piece of cake. If you don’t have your own domain name, choose a catchy name as a sub-domain under, such as or

Below are some examples of homeowners websites, powered by Rentini:

Collage of a few website templates offered for FREE by Rentini

You can’t go wrong with any of these templates: EASY. BEAUTIFUL. FREE!

Comments on: "A Website Is Essential For Your Vacation Rental Business" (15)

  1. I completely agree. We have been renting out for the passed 2 years, and find our website to be an essential aspect of our overall advertising tools. We have included advanced features there, such as video tours of the apartments, travel videos, customer self-checkout and more. Our customers appreciate being able to see more pictures and get ideas of things to do while they are on their holiday.

  2. Hi Sophie, thanks for your comment! I like that you mentioned adding video tours and travel videos to show what your rental is all about! Rentini is working on making this a feature for vacation rental owners. Customer check-out is a must – I’m glad you raised this point, too.

    We think that a vacation rental website should encourage a beneficial relationship between guests and homeowners. That’s why at Rentini a profile is included with our free website templates. The homeowner is given everything they need for their business – a way to receive inquiries, a way to accept bookings and payments, etc. Hopefully vacation rental owners claim their own website if they haven’t already.

    • Hi Paul,

      Anyone who doesn’t have their own website already should take advantage of this fantastic offer you have with the free personal website. We have one, as previously mentioned, but I will still create one on Rentini later on today, for added exposure. Exposure is something that is very hard to get too much of these days, with so many sources available to the clients.

      • Hi Sophie,

        Thanks so much. Everyone should have the tools available to them to market their rental properties and to know how to optimize the content so that it shines.

        It is important to have your website perform at a high level. Rentini offers all the tools to manage your property including the ability to invite a partner to manage your site with you. We think it’s a great platform to gain exposure and to do whatever you need to market the vacation home.

        To have more opportunity for their vacation rentals to be noticed, homeowners should have the content be fresh and characterize what’s special about their home, including its location and what’s to do nearby. This will let your website shine.


  3. Hi Paul,

    I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve had my website, for our rental in Fiji since 2005- and people have told me they have booked based on the professionalism and high quality of the website alone. It’s important to pull your potential guests away from the competition and have a good look around your website.

    In my book, The Ultimate Vacation Rental Owner’s Guide, I devote a whole chapter to having your own website. Kudos to Rentini for making it so easy for VR owners.

    Beth Carson

    • Hi Beth, thank you for sharing. You have a nice website and vacation home in Fiji.

      We invite you to list your property and even create another website on Rentini. If you publish unique content then search engines will index them differently from your own website and you can increase your exposure for your rental.

  4. Dear Paul
    Its nice to read the site you mention is quite good. i have a vacation rental website: i ahve list to many site but the mail usually gets pending , i hardly receives, i have seen your site and lets see if it get listed out there then i feel that will be very helpful. If i faced any problem i will definitely contact here:

    Thanks and regards
    Rev Fatima

    • Hi Rev, thank you for your comments. We look forward to working with you to promote your apartments in Calgary.

      • Hi paul since i have mailed you how can, i am looking forward to promote my apartment from your platform , please guide me the necessary requirements.
        Thanks and regards
        Rev Fatima
        Sunbeam Executive Suites

      • Hi Rev,

        I’ve approved your Calgary apartment, and I would encourage you to list your others. The more opportunity travelers have to book your rentals the more they will.

        Here is a tip sheet I wrote up as a starter for homeowners and managers optimizing their listings: One tip is to come up with unique content each time your vacation home is presented anew, including photo captions and the written description.

        We’re doing a social media promotional contest centered on Pinterest that we’ll be announcing here at Prizes include a 3 night stay at a resort in Hawaii, professional photography sessions for you vacation rental, Rentini travel credit, and a luxury spa treatment.

        The great thing is that everyone who participates will have their rentals promoted on social media.


  5. I must agree with you we have a great website for our second home and I think it is the reason we rent it so much. We paid to have a site with a reservation system put in so we don’t have to worry the site takes care of all the work for us. We just accept the payments and get the house ready. Great article. 🙂

  6. […] the past we discussed the importance of a vacation rental website and were delighted to see how this topic struck a cord with our […]

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