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Rentini has implemented the option to create a customized cancellation policy in addition to our template-based options Lenient, Moderate, Strict, and Very Strict.

Now when a homeowner selects Custom a empty box appears where owners can type or paste their own policy.

Homeowner have templates they can choose from or create their own – customized – cancellation policy

Homeowners can select their cancellation policy on step 2 of listing:

We are designing another customizable policy where the owner selects time frames for eligibility of a refund, and other necessary fields. Before we release it we want to get your feedback! What do you think is necessary for a cancellation policy? The terms have to be easy to select and essential.

Share your thoughts below.

Comments on: "Customize Your Cancellation Policy" (2)

  1. Jorge Pease said:

    Cancel policy – Some properties such as in the FL Keys are governed by county rules. These regulations, in my case state I can only rent the property once in 28 days so if somebody rents for a week, I still have to block off a month.

    As a result most rentals are for a month and are made up to a year in advance. Therefore I have a cancel policy that states cancellations must be made 60 days in advance or they lose their $500 deposit. However if I am able to re-rent the property the deposit is returned. In my experience so far, it’s hard to get another month rental with only 60 days notice as most renters are familiar with the regulations and rent early in the year. Let me know when you have something like this set up and I will be happy to participate.

  2. Hi Jorge, thank you very much for your comment!

    Currently you’re able to upload your own cancellation policy via copy paste. So you can keep your Florida Keys policy that is in compliance with local standards. We’ve noted the one week out of every 28 days policy to rent your home.

    That’s quite strict of Florida. It sounds like if we developed standard fields for last day to cancel before check-in to receive all or part of the guests deposit it would fit in with your respective policy.

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