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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the current landscape in the Eastern Seaboard and Caribbean is one more testament in the force of nature testing man’s resolve. Those who read this can count themselves fortunate.

Sandy has cost thousands of peoples livelihoods.

What should be done?  If those in the midst of the weather torn areas cannot help themselves, then let us take the lead in the quest to help restore normalcy to their lives.

Let us remember that it is not some non-human, magical reaction that will transform this devastation.  It is grassroots work, step by step rebuilding and concentrated relief efforts, of re-visioning what was and imagining what can be. It is difficult work. It requires commitment and mindfulness and patience.  And most of all, it requires the willingness to look beyond the self, to cut through our myopic daily routines.  It requires the courage to see similarities rather than differences, to imagine the other as self.

Can we do that?  Can we, who remain safe in our homes, our cities, and with our families, find that courage and that commitment?  Because if we cannot do it, how can we ask it of those who are paying in lives lost. If we cannot do it, how can they?


If you cannot physically help the relief effort, donations are always welcome!
The Red Cross and The Salvation Army are two of the more well-known charitable organizations.

For a full list of ways and sources to donate please go here.

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