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Rentini introduces a coordinates system to help locate your vacation property!

Because so many of our homeowners properties are hidden gems in more remote locations, we realized we needed to implement a coordinates system to locate the properties if the address isn’t yet mapped by search engines such as Google. And so we did:

Rentini’s new coordinates system with map, so locate even the remotest vacation homes!

If your property is mapped incorrectly by Google, simply enter the correct coordinates and we’ll match that location with your property address.

Here’s how you can find your property’s coordinates on Google Maps

On the map, right-click on your property’s location, then select “What’s here?” The search bar will then display the coordinates, which you copy.

By selecting “What’s here?” on Google Maps, the search bar is populated by the spot you’ve clicked on.

Here the coordinates are displayed in the search bar after selecting “What’s here?”

It is highly recommended that you know the coordinates for your vacation home, particularly if your property is overseas or in an area not yet mapped.


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  1. this is a nice to help locate your vacation property

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