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The next time you plan a holiday, look beyond Rome, Egypt or China.Visit Germany

Germany is an amazing country. Lush green landscape, soaring mountains, historical sites and a beautiful coastline; all wrapped in an affordable package. It is ideal for a vacation with family and kids, for hiking trips and cruises. The beaches offer a spectacular sea-view and pleasurable stay in elegant hotels. The country is charged with emotions from wars and destruction. The adventure is so amazing that it is not possible to capture fully in any book or travel series.

Here is a list of must-see places in Germany:

  • Start with Berlin. Berlin-street-intersectionThe architecture from the Baroque period will take your breath away. The city houses one of the world’s best zoos and finest orchestras. Visit the historical Berlin Wall and the bustling Gendarmenmarkt as well.
  • Munich Germany-Munich-street-lights-church-old-townwas intensely affected during both the world wars. The remnants of buildings from the tragic period make a visit to this city an emotionally stirring experience. Munich’s ‘Oktoberfest’ is a 15 day long celebration known for exhilarating carnivals, parades and authentic German Ale!
  • Cologne is another German city with a touch of history. The Roman Towers and the Cologne Cathedral and Museum Ludwig will be a captivating experience.          

    Koeln Cologne Germany City Bridge Night Lights

    The Cologne Hohenzollernbrücke and the Cologne Cathedral. Image is a courtesy of David Portnicki

  • Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Germany City lightsis a modern city with high end stores in the lively shopping street, with something for art lovers as well in the Museum Kunst Palast.
  • The Romantic Rhine River Valley offers cruise rides along-side beautiful castles. The Valley is also a favourite among hikers due to the hills between these castles. You get to see some pretty little German towns too.
  • Black Forest, Germany Girl in Traditional CostumeFor a wisp of myth with tales of witches and werewolves, visit the Black Forest. The hills and woods here make for breath-taking scenery.
  • For more of the German war sites, you can go to Dachau. It was a concentration camp, and nearby is a statue bearing the words ‘Never Again’, a sincere promise by the Germans to show their solidarity.
  • Heidelberg is home to the oldest University in Germany. Take a pleasant walk around Gothic lanes, through the 18th century bridge of Alte Brucke, into the Heidelberg Castle, the heart of the city.

    Heidelberg, Germany Panoramic View River Neckar

    Heidelberg, Germany is a home of the oldest university. Image is a courtesy of Martin Künzel, Berlin

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