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Nantucket Vacation rental

Why Nantucket vacation rentals are so desirable

Nantucket is an area full of breath taking views, friendly neighbors and many activities to keep you and your loved ones busy. If you are thinking of getting a Nantucket Vacation Rental, here are some reasons why you should.

Nantucket has beautiful homes available to rent with many of them close to or on the beach. Along with amazing seaside views, you will find homes that can accommodate both large and small families.

Many of the homes are in the Cape-Cod style, which is indicative of the area. You will find spacious interiors, with vibrant wall colors of light blues, yellows and greens. Moreover, some of the homes have crown molding and many windows for you to enjoy wonderful views of the area.

Along with design, the homes come equipped with everything you need to feel comfortable. The furnishings are plentiful, giving you ample seating to accommodate larger parties. The bedrooms have suites, which are perfect to provide privacy if you share your home with other friends or family. Best of all, there are top of the line appliances that you can use to make gourmet meals.

While the comforts of home are one big draw to getting a Nantucket vacation rental, the attractions are another big coup.

With it being a smaller area, you can find it easy to move around to find different attractions. Most importantly, you can discover things to do everyone in your family will enjoy.

To enjoy the natural beauty of Nantucket, you can have a lazy day on Surfside Beach. There, you can challenge your surfing skills on the waves or just enjoy the views.

Nantucket lighthouse is a must see attraction

Along with beaches, the Sankaty Head Lighthouse is another attraction to visit. Built in 1850, this historic lighthouse towers 90 feet above sea level. Further, it provides guest with a chance to explore inside and enjoy breathtaking views.

Additionally, there are many museums in the area to visit. The Nantucket Life-Saving Museum is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the brave men who risked their lives to find survivors of shipwrecks.

As you can see, there are many benefits to renting in this area. Whether it’s to enjoy breathtaking views, enjoy the charm of Cape-Cod homes or take in the natural surrounding at the beach, it’s likely you will find something to enjoy.

Travel tips for visiting Nantucket

If you are interested in rentals, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The summer months are extremely busy with many tourists coming to town. This can make it difficult to book rentals on short notice. Conversely, the spring and autumn months are the shoulder seasons, where you will be able to find less expensive rentals. It’s also easier to drive around as there is less traffic and most attractions and restaurants remain open.

With this in mind, if you want to come during the summer months it’s imperative to book early as demand is high. It’s also important to give yourself more time as traffic is heavier.

Ultimately, vacationing in Nantucket can be awe-inspiring due to the wonderful views, the friendly people and the rich history of the area. You will find the rentals clean, fully- equipped and in great locations so you can go out and explore this historic area.

Mike is an avid traveler and has been to many popular vacation destinations throughout the years.

Comments on: "Why You Should Go To Nantucket For Vacation This Summer" (3)

  1. Your photos are beautiful! I actually am traveling to Nantucket this summer 🙂 My husband and I are looking at Nantucket rentals for the end of august and I’ll definitely keep your travel tips in mind, thank you!

  2. My family and I used to go and stay in one of those Nantucket Rental homes for the summer. Boy those were the days, fishing, crabbing, and swimming all day everyday. What else could you ask for?! Anyways, thanks for the share your pictures really stirred up come great memories of my child hood.

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