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Arrival on summer-vacationScared of losing your luggage?

Here are some helpful hints on how to avoid that.

The aviation industry has come a long way in the 110 years since the Wright brothers made history by successfully completing the world’s first flight with a powered and controlled aircraft. Today, airplane travel is so common that we often take for granted just how amazing the technology is that allows us to soar through the clouds with such safety and ease. Unfortunately, not everything about flying is fun. While the people on planes usually don’t run into any problems getting from point A to point B, the same can’t be said for the bags they bring with them. Airlines have practically mastered the art of flying, but something as simple as transporting luggage can cause countless complications. According to the New York Times, “roughly two million pieces of luggage that disappear, arrive late, become damaged, or experience theft every year.”

Below are three ways you can prevent the headache of lost luggage on your next trip.

1. Carry On.

Choose a right size for Carry-on luggage

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The absolute best way to make sure an airline doesn’t lose your bag is not to give it to them in the first place! If your trip or packing list is short enough that you can squeeze everything you need into a smaller carry-on sized bag, you can keep an eye on your luggage from start to finish. That’s the biggest benefit of a carry on, but unfortunately, airlines have strict guidelines on how big a carry-on bag can be. In many cases, travelers end up having to check a larger bag.

2. Tag Your Bag.

It seems simple, but surprisingly, a significant number of travelers fail to properly mark their luggage with their names and contact information. Love my bag luggage tagSomething as simple as using luggage ID tags can be the difference between the miserable mishap of a lost bag and the regular routine of retrieving your bag from the luggage carousel upon your arrival at the airport. When you affix a luggage tag to your bag, include your full name, mailing address, and phone number. It’s also a good idea to include this identifying information in multiple places: on the hanging luggage tag itself, slid into any built-in tag windows or ID card pockets on the bag, and also inside the bag itself. The more places your bag is marked, the greater the chance it will find its way back to you if something does go wrong.

3. Stand Out from the Crowd.

Washing machine suitcaseIn addition to tagging your baggage with a luggage tag, try to buy bags that stand out from the crowd. When shopping for your next suitcase, look for one with a unique pattern or vibrant colors. Millions of travelers use standard black, brown, and blue bags, making it easy for yours to get lost in the shuffle. With a bright bag, not only will you be able to identify it more quickly and easily on the carousel when you land, but it will be hard to miss when airline employees are loading or emptying the plane, helping to ensure it actually makes it to the carousel for you to pick up.

By following these three simple travel tips, you can reduce the chances of a lost luggage mishap, which is a huge headache for millions of travelers every year.

Kay Kissinger is big on travel but not on losing her luggage. She loves to give a proper travel advice to all her readers.

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