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We are right smack dab in the beginning months of summer on this side of the globe, and man can you feel it. The sun is bright, the heat is just at that perfect balance between tanning and roasting, and school is out until September. Is there anything better than what summer has to offer?

Thinking of holiday time in the middle of the summer

Actually, yes: preparing to for the winter. It might seem a bit early to be thinking about it, but planning your November to February months now can save you a whole lot of money. Plus, it will be there when the windchill hits its peak and you find yourself tired and lethargic. Best to get things moving.

Here are five ways to save when the days turn cold.

1. Buy Winter Clothes

They might not be on the racks in stores, but if you go to the websites for various brand you will find a ton of winter stuff in clearance straight through the summer. These are usually marked down to ridiculously low amounts as the company tries to get rid of the stock left over from the colder months. Buying now, especially children’s clothes, boots and coats, will save you a ton of cash in the long run. Of course, you will have to be careful about how you store it to keep it in perfect condition. But it is worth the effort. Last year, I bought an entire winter wardrobe for myself, my two kids and my husband for $150 using clearance shopping.

2. Buy Winter Accessories

Goggles and many other ski accessories

Do you like the ski? Snowboard? Go sledding with the family? A lot of outlet and sporting good stores will have winter stock through the year, as will their website. Buying things now will take advantage of a lot of sales they have going on, especially if you go to a place dedicated to winter sports. A friend of mine bought snow shoes and skis last year during July for 50% off. Deals like this are really common, so keep an eye out. You can also sometimes get discount passes to ski lodges that can be used in the winter time. Just make sure you read the fine print before you buy.

3. Start Looking For Indoor Activities

Start looking now at fun, cheap things to do in your area during the winter. My favorite are indoor inflatable bounce places, movie theaters and rec centers that have pools, courts, gyms and even classes for kids. Some have deals where it gets cheaper the longer you have a subscription/membership. Or that let you buy passes at a discount in the summertime.

4. Plan That Getaway

Skiing down the hill

Have you been on travel deal sites lately? A ton of them have these vacation packages that are good through the rest of the year for really cheap. Here are just a few winter vacation saving opportunities you can check right now: Powder Pass, Winter Deals, Winter travel rewards. I saw a luxury getaway in Aspen for a fraction of the usual cost the other day, and I was sorely tempted to buy it. Plan your winter trip now and you will get great deals. Especially if it is for an off-season date, which means no travel around the holidays. Try to go in November or February.

5. Start Holiday Shopping

My family always laughs at me about this one. Even the early shoppers don’t think you should start before October. But I like looking at summer sales and taking advantage. Not only is it cheaper, but it saves me a ton of time and stress when the holidays roll around. All those parties, activities and everything on top of work? I like not having to think about gifts when that time rolls around.

Have a tip for planing out your winter in the summer? Let us know int the comments!

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