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Families love traveling to Florida and visiting the theme parks. There is enormous excitement for kids when they realize that Orlando is dedicated to their entertainment. As parents, the whole Florida experience can be exhausting and a very expensive affair. Read on and discover some handy hints to help your trip to the land of the mouse go very smoothly.

Mad Tea Party

Spend, Spend, Spend

There are so many brightly colored knick knacks, there are so many souvenirs that you simply must have. Disney are experts in convincing us to part with our dollars. Walking through the gift shop to the exit makes it hard to resist the lure of a Mickey Mouse mug.

Ears Souvenirs

Try setting a strict budget for buying such things as the price of the glittery treasure in the form of a Tinkerbell wand will eat into your holiday spends immediately. Try shopping in some of the local supermarkets such as Wal-mart as they often stock bona fide Disney items but at a fraction of the cost.

souvenir / disney nuts set

Eat, Eat, Eat

Feeding a family in a theme park can be tricky on a budget. Taking a picnic can really help to alleviate the cost – try taking a cool bag with you and disposable plates.


There are many different places to eat in the theme parks and another way of minimising costs is to buy a dining package before you go. Most parks have a flat rate voucher that you can use in selected restaurants as many times as you like for the day. It is a good idea to purchase such a voucher because the family can then eat twice – lunch and dinner. There’s also snack time to think about for growing kids so it is a good economic decision to buy a voucher.

Burger at Hardrock Cafe

 What to Wear

If you are a Florida theme parks virgin, read this paragraph very carefully as it will save you lots of pain and discomfort. Dress as though you are embarking on a lengthy hike through a steamy, humid jungle. Do not worry yourself with wondering if your handbag matches your shoes.

Grizzly River Run 1

Everything should be practical and extremely comfortable. There is a great possibility that you will get wet – either because of a tropical storm or because of a water ride with a big splash at the end. Fashionistas can breathe easy for the duration of their visit.

universal studio florida

 How to Get Around

Waking up at dawn is a good idea in Florida. The light is wonderful but more importantly you need to arrive at the gates before they have opened in order to beat the queues.


Traveling to the parks really depends upon where you are staying. There are several free shuttle buses that operate between hotels and parks but they will cut into your time as there are many stops to make. Hiring a car in Florida is a cheap and easy alternative that will give you the freedom to see a lot more of the county without depending on costly taxis or public transport. Click here for an alternative to public transport.


Enjoy your holiday and if you plan in advance, you really could have the holiday of a lifetime.

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Written by Elizabeth James who loves scuba diving and traveling around the world.

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  1. This was a really great read! Theme parks are so much fun with the kids but sometimes it can become stressful. These are great tips to survival!

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