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People on bench by the waterfront in Galway, Ireland

Ireland’s Cultural Heart, Galway, is really a city worth traveling to. This city isn’t just a great location for stag and hen parties as it truly has so much to offer its visitors. Here are five of the reasons why travelers should visit this city that happens to be the sixth most populous city in the Emerald Isle.

As a cultural Mecca, anyone that wishes to know exactly what Irish culture is all about should definitely visit Galway. This city is known as the home of a number of traditional or folk artists like Dolores Keane. What’s more, this city hosts a lot of festivals that are truly worth going to.

The city isn’t just a great place to see and hear traditional Irish music, dances, and language. Classical music lovers will also have a great time in this city during the summer season. Since 1994, Galway Cathedral Recitals are held from July to August featuring an international series of concerts.

Fresh Seafood

Oysters plate in Galway Restaurant

Another reason for travelers to go to Galway would be the fact that there is always fresh seafood to be had. Those that love clams, oysters, crabs, shrimps, and fish can easily have a feast in this town. More importantly, they can easily get those fresh from the markets in this city.

Having an awesome gastronomic experience is a treat for anyone that loves to eat. Anyone visiting Galway can get that.


Restaurant scene in Galway, Ireland Not a lot of people know that this city has a lot of good restaurants as well. That means, visitors in this city can get a good taste of all that fresh fish and seafood. Irish cuisine is quite distinctive too and this is one of the best Irish cities to get some of that.

Aside from Irish cuisine, there are also restaurants that feature international cuisine. Expect to see a number of Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and Spanish restaurants.


McSwiggans Bar & Restaurant Galway

Pubs in Galway are more than just places to grab a pint of Irish beer or eat an affordable meal. These are the best places to meet and greet locals and other tourists. What’s more, most pubs also turn into music venues when the evening comes. For those that wish to have an evening of live entertainment, make sure to check out who’s playing at certain pubs.

Aside from traditional Irish music, there are also pubs that feature rock, pop, jazz, and other musical genres. There are a lot of pubs in this city which is why it has become a popular stag and hen party location. A pub crawling experience is a must for those that enjoy the nightlife.

Festivals and Events

Street scene in Galway

This city is known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart partly because of its numerous festivals each year. One of the most notable festivals that shouldn’t be missed would be the Galway Arts Festival which takes place every July.

In addition to annual festivals, this city is also known for having 51 event venues. Some of those are even multiple event venues. That will include visual arts galleries and other concert venues.

Medieval Structures

There have been settlements in this city since the 11th century when the King of Connacht built Dún Bhun na Gaillimhe. That is also the reason why there are a good number of medieval structures that can still be seen today in this city.

Some places of interest worth checking out include Lynch’s Castle, the Church of Ireland St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, Spanish Arch, The Hall of the Red Earl, the remains of Claddagh and Menlo Castle. Those are just some of the spots worth seeing in the city.

Now, those are just five good reasons to visit Galway. Don’t just go to Galway. Stay for a while and make sure to experience everything that this Irish city has to offer.

This article was contributed by Sabrina Mable who is an author and recognized authority on planning hen parties. She currently works for and specializes in creating hen party packages for fun and memorable hen parties in Ireland. She has succumbed and joined the world of social media. Follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Definitely, ireland is one great travel destination and that should must consider while planning to have a great vacation. As per my personal experience, ireland is very nice place to visit.

  2. Last month, I have visited the beautiful Ireland with friends and enjoy memorable holidays. I really love Ireland especially the foods and cultures of Ireland.

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