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As we wrote in the past there are many types of tourists. We see them every time we travel; some are party animals, others are low key with a book-in-hand, soaking in the sun’s rays. Whatever type of tourist you should remember one thing:

All tourists are created equal

If you are not sure which genre of tourist you are; this article may shed lit on how to label yourself, and which destinations may be suited for you.

Action Tourist

Paragliders meetup in the air

When you picture yourself traveling to distant lands, do you see yourself jumping off a cliff into an ocean pool of crystal clear water? Or how about jumping off of an old Soviet plane with a parachute sewn by the pilot’s Baba. If so, you may just be the “Action Tourist”. Action Tourists love their adrenalin rush and have trouble understanding those under-the-radar travelers. To keep them satisfied; all that is needed, are a rope of some kind and the latest machinery for propulsion in that region. Recommended destinations for these Evel Knievels include: Mexico, Hawaii, Thailand, Spain and New Zealand.

Kodak Tourist

Do find yourself posting every vacation picture you ever had on Facebook? Have you ever traveled without a camera. Then you just might be our “Kodak Tourist”. Whether traveling for a day or a month, your camera flash card seems to be extensive enough to make a feature Disney film. But, don’t fret! There are many people like you, and they all seem to find their way back on Facebook, posting pictures that nobody even cares to look at. Recommended pictures…I mean…destinations include: Peru, Australia, Thailand, Saudia Arabia, China, France, Italy and Indonesia

Party Tourist

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

Traveling? What is traveling, I just want to party!

Doesn’t matter where you are, or who you’re with; your taste is simple –

Take me to the closest brewery, please!

The Party Tourist enjoys loud music, nightclubs and of course booze. These fun seekers are most compatible with our Action Tourist, because after a few drinks, they seem bold enough to follow suit. Party destinations include: Ibiza, Cracow, Rome, Bangkok, Beirut, Las Vegas, and Tokyo.

Historical Tourist

Ah, yes! History is not dead, because you strive to keep it alive. Of all our tourists, the Historical Tourist is our more scholarly candidate.

Historical landmarks all around the worldYou revel in telling your companions your knowledge of the local history. God gave you an encyclopedic mind, and boy do you use it! When you envision yourself traveling; you see yourself with a whip and satchel, Jones-ing around Asia with a map written in Sanskrit, trying to find the last relic of the Aryans. But remember this is far from the truth, most likely you’ll be just daydreaming somewhere in a museum. If you are this tourist type; I need not tell you where you should go, but for the sake of humour: Italy, Vatican City, France, China, India, Israel, Mexico, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, and Greece.

Note: Side effects of excessive traveling include culture shock, hangovers, illusions of grandeur, loss of travel insurance, monetary depletion, and addictions to air travel.

John is a travel writer who spends most of his time hopping from one country to another, hope you enjoyed his article!

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