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Woman traveling aloneIt has to be said that any woman wanting to travel on her own is certainly entitled to do so and will probably be already well-aware of the pitfalls and perils that lie in wait out on the open road.

A woman on her own is twice as likely to get approached in a bar and even a restaurant so in order to ensure traveling isn’t an ordeal then paying heed to a few tried and tested tips is obviously best practice.

Below are just 5 pearls of wisdom that will no doubt stand any solo female traveler in good stead and all that’s left to say is best of luck and fortune favors the brave – you can do this!

Carry an alarm

There’s no need to beat around the bush and if you’re packing the sort of alarm that’s going to ring out and put the fear of god into an attacker then do not be afraid to carry and use it. Best advice is to carry an alarm that still transmits noise even when dropped and carrying 2 is certainly a sensible option. Stick to crowded areas and try to avoid secluded, shady spots off the beaten track but if you just have to then make sure your alarm is working, in reach and carried at all times.

Learn the lingo

It may sound like your being pestered or even that your getting some abuse but if you don’t know what a local is saying then you may not be able to react until it’s too late. Get yourself a phrase book and spend some time reading over likely gestures and shouts that may just be related to cultural nuances. With internet learning a foreign language became so much easier. Also, in some countries knowing religious and cultural traditions expected of women will give you enough knowledge to adapt and fit in whilst respecting the norms and rules.

Read the signs

Putting yourself into a situation where you’re not sure of what’s going on is definitely not advisable if you’re a woman traveling alone. Being able to read body language and understand when a situation is starting to turn uncomfortable is exactly what you should teach yourself to do if you want to stay safe and getting a book on non-verbal communication is a great idea before you set off on your travels.

Play it safe

If in doubt, get right out and from avoiding too much alcohol to going to places that are far away from your hostel or hotel, if you don’t feel safe then do something about it. Traveling alone as a woman is one of the most liberating and exciting things that you can do just make sure you play it safe to ensure your trip is truly memorable for all the right reasons. Keep in touch with those back home and always make sure you keep your wits and alarm about you at all times.

Stay with a group

Being comfortable within your own skin is an amazing feeling and if you like to simply read, photograph or walk on your own then you’re going to have an amazing time away from home. Of course, just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean that you can’t meet anyone else and from couples to other single female travelers, there are plenty of positives about making new friends. Staying with a group or even undertaking an organized small group tour are both great for feeling secure and meeting new people but with the added bonus of if you get bored you can always escape and continue to travel as you wish.

Chris has been traveling on his own many times and has been truly encouraged and motivated by the strength and the happiness that comes from meeting a female counterpart.

Comments on: "Best Advice For Women Traveling Alone" (3)

  1. bobacious said:

    I love traveling solo! I would add to always say you’re meeting up with someone as well:) Great advice!

  2. And I know a person who traveled with another woman to help negate some of the challenges outlined above. They didn’t stay together the whole time so they still had free time to themselves where they needed to incorporate the tips in this article.

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