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The Features That Kept Us Busy for a Year

One year and counting - Rentini anniversary Time flies. It’s has been an incredible year-long ride since we officially launched our new website last year.  Not only have we  learned a lot, we’ve also realized that customer feedback is a huge source of inspiration. Thank you for contributing your time and efforts to becoming a valuable part of the Rentini community.

Do you remember some of these milestones and new features we’ve developed along the way?

We Are In 70+ Countries and Counting

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a single platform could be a common marketplace for people from such diverse cultural backgrounds. We are all in the same business and our love for the vacation rental experience is without boundaries. Who wants to stay in a cookie cutter hotel with their entire family? No wonder vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular for travelers across the globe.

You Told Us, We Listened

The most exciting part of building a vacation rental platform is that all of you, our great customers, are also seasoned entrepreneurs. You are smart, experienced and full of fresh ideas about improving the business. We took many of your ideas and developed them into useful tools that will help you run your business even better. Below we listed a few features that came out of your valuable feedback. Keep pouring it on us, we do listen!

The Lowest 2.4% Credit Card Processing

The lowest 2.4% credit card fee for vacation rentalsI hope you don’t miss out on this one! After negotiating with our merchant bank, we secured a 2.4% credit processing rate, which is a better deal than PayPal or VRBO. Paypal charges approximately $30/month plus 2.9% – 3% per credit card transaction. VRBO charges somewhere in a range of $400-$1,000+/year and 2.5% per transaction. We are so happy to save our clients on credit card fees with a low 2.4% flat fee on Visa, Master Card and Discover credit card payments.

Calendar Synchronization Tool

calendar synchronization tool

This is an awesome tool we launched last year. Recently redesigned, today it is even more user-friendly. No one wants to update their calendars on the zillions of vacation rental sites manually. This tool takes the headache away from busy owners/property managers. Synchronize Calendar with Homeaway or VRBOJust copy/paste a link from HomeAway / VRBO and never worry about double booking again.

Reservation Confirmation: Accept, Reject, Discuss More

Accept, Reject, Discuss function within the homeowners inboxEveryone has his or her own style of running a vacation rental, but after regular feedback, we realized one thing is for sure: Homeowners and Property Managers want full control over the situation.  In response, we developed a better way to handle reservation requests. When accepting or rejecting vacation requests, no word is final until homeowners or property managers say so and there is a 24-hour time frame to do so.

Automatic Damage Deposit Processing

Automated Damage Deposit ProcessingNo longer do you have to refund damage deposits manually.  Now it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just check it out:

  1. Two days prior to check-in, the guests’ card is automatically authorized for the amount of the damage deposit.
  2. The owner will then get an email confirmation and issue check-in instructions for guests.
  3. 48 hours after check-out, the damage deposit will be refunded to the guest’s card if no damages have been incurred.

Pro Plan: Links And Direct Contact Info

Rentini started off as a transaction-based platform on which we charged 1% commission plus a $5 reservation fee. Quickly, however, we learned that some of our users were not happy to pay a commission for each payment processed via Rentini.  In order to accommodate our homeowners and property managers, we began charging a small monthly fee of $9/month and, in return, we list all their contact details in the ad. This way, homeowner & property managers are able to use their normal reservation flow. This change has been awesome for Rentini and it has also been great for the homeowner & property managers who are pleased not to have to introduce a new element to their existing business procedure.

Pro Plus Plan: No Commission And Unlimited Listings For A Single Monthly Payment.

It couldn’t get any better for property managers and homeowners who have multiple listings. List all 20 properties and pay no commission to Rentini for payment processing. Every Pro Plus subscriber gets all of this for a flat $20/month fee along with access to many exciting features on the Rentini platform not accessible under a free plan:


New feature Testimonials Based on the research done by TripAdvisor, guests’ reviews are the second most important thing after photos that travelers rely on while making their selection. At Rentini, all reviews are verified. We also added a Testimonials feature that is an easy way for new listing owners to improve their credibility.Request testimonials from friends and vacation rental guests This feature also allows homeowners and property managers to contact their previous guests or personal friends to solicit testimonials.

Last Minute Deals

Last minute deal promotional banner for rental property This could be the most celebrated new feature of the year! Last minute gaps are not easy to fill, especially because travelers are accustomed to getting a deal on last minute bookings. At the end of the last year, we introduced a feature to promote properties with last minute availabilities on our homepage.  As a result, we received a great return on new bookings and lots of happy customers.

Hints And Videos Are Added

Read hints to avoid confusionThe first few months after our official launch were tough. Many features that looked obvious to our engineers were not as user-friendly as we thought. As a result, we included a short explanation next to each entry field. If you are ever in doubt regarding what a field or sentence means, just roll your mouse over the question mark icon and the hint will pop-up. The same goes for video tutorials.  After adding a video tutorial on every page, we managed to improve our conversion rate by 45%.

Custom Cancellation Policy

Homeowner have templates they can choose from or create their own - customized - cancellation policy

This was one of the most requested features in the early days. Originally, we had 4 pre-designed cancellation policies, but we learned that homeowners and property managers didn’t want to fit into cookie cutter solutions.   After realizing we needed to be more flexible on this topic, we allowed homeowner & property managers to upload his or her custom policy.

Reply To Inquiry From The Email Inbox

Another thing we learned about homeowners and property managers’ business challenges is they all want to simplify the inquiry reply process.

At Rentini, we developed two ways to reply to messages from a potential guest:

Whether you reply via email or the Rentini messaging page, all communication is stored in your Rentini account. The only trick to remember is that when you reply via email, the recipients address is encrypted for privacy purposes. But, don’t fret.  We know how to deliver your message to your guest.  Just hit the Send button!

Craigslist Ad Generator

Your Craigslist Vacation Rental Ad Generator Many homeowners and property managers have a love /hate relationship with Craigslist. Many say that there are a lot of scams and others don’t want to deal with low-ball inquiries. Despite its issues, Craigslist can still be a very effective advertising platform for your vacation home. With 60+ mln unique visitors per month Craigslist is one of the most visited classified sites on internet. At Rentini, we developed a simple tool to generate a professional Craigslist ad in a few clicks. It’s a great way to promote your last minute availability or just improve your ad’s SEO in the long run. More visits to your ad page means more love from search engines.

We Love Our Unique Properties From All Around The World

The beauty of our vacation rental business is that all the properties are very unique.  Whether it is a stunning villa in Paraty, Brazil, a private boat in Barcelona, or an agritourism villa in Tuscany, Italy, they are all inspiring…and your personal touch is what makes your guests enjoy it so much!

There are many more features being developed,which are great additions to our core functionality. Thanks again for your patronage during the last year!

Do you have a feature in mind you know could be useful for your vacation rental business? Share it with us by leaving a comment below or by sending us an email at

How to spend less than 30 minutes per day on social media [INFORGRAPHIC]

Social media for vacation rental in 30 minutes a dayA crush course to social media

Whether we want it or not but social media takes more presence in our personal and business lives. How to get it under control and use more effectively?

Our friends at Pardot put together an awesome infographic to help you determine which tasks are most important, and how much time you should ideally be dedicating to each of your social channels. Your strategy will likely differ (and should!) slightly from the infographic below, but the import thing is to identify your key channels, plan for a set number of tasks, and allot yourself a set period of time and stick to it!

Let’s have a look:

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot Infographic

Embedded from the Pardot Blog

What is your strategy in social media? What social channel works better for your business?

My Adventure as a Guinea Pig at a Vacation Rental

A Guinea Pig Vacation Rental Guinea Pig on a missionat a Vacation Rental

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding the best ways to discover if you are meeting your guests’ expectations by going on your own vacation and analyzing your experiences.  Whether you decide to do this in another vacation rental or in your own, applying all you’ve learned can be invaluable.

I decided to try this experiment myself and see what I discover.   I rented a short term rental for one week.  Booking just like anyone else I found a location, looked at photos, studied the cost, checked reviews and then made my decision.

Taking a different approach in property selection

I took a different approach though.  I decided to “go all out” and book a property I would not normally book.  My philosophy was that if I book a property that meets all my expectations, I would take everything for granted.  On the other hand, if I were to stay in a property that is lacking, the conditions would force me to take notice.  So I found one with the following:

  • Location:         Good – Check – (I did want a nice location)
  • Photos:            Rooms missing in photos (bathroom, second bedroom), completely original, 1980s décor, oh….tube TV – Check!
  • Price:               Same as others in the area; no less, no more – Check
  • Reviews:         Could be better – Check

Yes my vacaiton rental getaway is awesome!Booking was a breeze.  It couldn’t have been easier.  The owners were very pleasant and wonderful to work with.  Entry upon arrival was smooth and all instructions for departure were conveniently placed on the breakfast bar.  The guest information book was a bit dated and could have used a cleaning, but some of the most important numbers (i.e. emergency, dining out) were included.  YES!!!

After such a wonderful reception from the owners and easy entry I was very optimistic about how my experience would unfold, but I quickly went

From this:                                                                                To this:

 Easy cooking at vacation rental kitchen                    Kitchen nightmare at vacation rental

in a matter of two days.

Not wanting commit Hara-Kari while I was there (and I’m also not a Samaria) I made the best of it and jotted down anything that I found hindered my vacation experience hoping that my findings will help others and I didn’t expire in vain.  The result was this table.   These are items that were missing from the rental or items that could have used updating.

Complete your analysis and start your own list

Take from this what you will; create your own – add your own missing items.   I hope it helps you get started on your own analysis should you choose to do one.

Kitchen: Comments
  • Cabinets/Countertop
 Not securely fastened
  • Ceiling
 Water spots or stains
  • Sink
 Leaks, caulking
  • Stove, Fridge, Microwave
 Fridge – poor working order, stains, rust
  • Large pot
  • Colander
  • Sharp knives
  • Salt and Pepper shakers
  • Grater
LR, DR, Bedrooms, Hallways:
  • Walls/Trim
Cracks, water damage
  • Closets
Poor alignment
  • Stairs
Loose handrails
  • Door
  • DVD player/Blu Ray
  • IPod docking station
  • AM/FM stereo
  • Television
  • Furniture
Rips, stains
  • Sturdy furniture legs
  • Extra batteries/light bulbs
  • Clean remotes and guest info book
  • Linens free of stains
  • Flat sheet
  • Fitted sheet
  • Mattress protector
  • Pillows (not enough)
  • Washer/Dryer
Stains, rust
  • Fire extinguisher
Didn’t really need this personally, but thought I might for a minute and it wasn’t there
  • Floor fans
  • Broom & pan
  • Laundry hamper/basket
  • Fly swatter
  • First aid kit
Didn’t really need this either, but an after thought when I thought I might need an extinguisher
  • Mop/Pail /Cleaners
  • Beach/Pool/Hot tub towels – one per adult person
  • Cooler
  • Overall cleanliness

So, all in all, yes, staying in a vacation rental and analyzing my experience was well worth it and is highly recommended.  Thank you Mike Bayer of Cottage Rental Services for your article Don’t Just Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk. I took your advice, learned quite a bit and came out winning.  We take many things for granted until they are no longer around.  The best way to know if you’re missing something is to miss it. Here’s hoping all your guests smile like this.

Anita Ericksen Author of FF&E

Anita Ericksen is the author of FF&E, Furnish and Equip Your Vacation or Executive Property in 5 Days.  You can find out more about her at  Photos are clip art and the guinea pig is not mine though I wish he was.

The iPad Mini finally found its vacation rental home! And the winner is…

Twilight house in Paraty, Brazil

Amazing villa in Paraty, Brazil that featured in Twilight Saga episode

Vacation rentals inventory at Rentini just got even better, thanks to your participation!

All of us at Rentini would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! Our iPad mini giveaway promotion has been a great success with submissions coming from as far as Brazil, Italy, France, and Indonesia, among other places. We are happy to welcome many beautiful properties to our pages. Special thanks to the owners who went beyond listing and gave us some buzz on social networks.

We are pleased to present your amazing properties at Rentini. Our success in 2012 wouldn’t have been possible were it not for your generous support.

 and the winner is….

Everyone who participated in the promotion was entered into a drawing to receive an iPad Mini. The winner of our drawing, chosen at random, is Peggy Yelland from Canada. With no fewer than eleven amazing homes – all with great photos, informative descriptions, and her own template-based website – we extend a warm congratulations to Peggy:

Vacation rental management website powered by Rentini , a template based website created by Peggy Yelland for her 11 properties

Peggy’s properties are located in various locales from Hawaii, to Spain, Mexico, to her native Canada. From a beach condo to a winter cabin, Peggy has what you’re looking for. Anyone would feel at home in these beautiful homes:

Spanish oceanfront villa in sunny Costa del Ameria.

Unobstructed views as you are enjoying your morning coffee from the Spanish patio. Accommodates 6.

Oceanfront condo at Halii Kai in Waikoloa, Hawaii

Gorgeous Halli Kai Resort on Big Island in Hawaii with 2 BD, 2 BH, accommodates 5

Sunset on the Big Island in Hawaii

Beautiful sunset on Halii Kai, Hawaii from the oceanfront condo by the golf course

Oceanview condo in Kaanapali Shores, Hawaii

Beautiful ocean view from both the living room and bedroom in Lahaina, Hawaii. Convenience and tranquility guaranteed

Sidney Waterfront Condo in Canada

Waterfront condo located on Vancouver Island near the beautiful city of Victoria, Canada

Condo in Ski station in Mt Washington, Canada

Mountain side condo located on Mt. Washington,Vancouver Island, Canada. One of the few truly ski-in/ski-out locations

Canadian waterfront condo among trees

Beautiful, newly renovated, oceanfront condo located in the picturesque area of Yellow Point in Canada

Oceanview condo on the golf course in Cabo

Oceanview condo on the golf course in Cabo, Mexico, steps to the white sand beach

Big Island Hawaii

Imagine gazing across the beautiful Pacific from your living room and spending your day watching whales on the Big Island, Hawaii

Having participated in our contest you’ve given your rentals greater visibility.

We’re all winners!  Rentini promotes properties to travelers via social networks, our website and blog, and various advertising channels.

Please join us in congratulating Peggy and invite your friends, homeowners, and guests to participate in our latest offerings:

Sonoma’s Premiere Vacation Destination in California Wine Country

The Valley of the Moon

California is home to Wine Country USA, where carefully cultivated grapes distilled into fine wine garner awards year after year, including the vineyard of film director Francis Ford Coppola.

Greystone Estate, tucked among the flora and fauna in Kenwood

One of the most gorgeous vacation rental destinations in wine country is none other than Greystone Estate, a luxurious retreat nestled between vineyards, lush greenery and vegetation. The estate features a pool, tennis court, and plenty of space to hold an event such as private on-site tastings, wine pairing classes with our Sommelier, or winemaker’s dinners. Whatever it is, Greystone is the perfect base from which to explore the nature, music, and cultural events that “The Valley of the Moon”, as Sonoma is affectionately known, has to offer.

Clive vineyards of Sonoma

Greystone estate is just a short drive to California’s famous redwood forests and beaches along the pacific coast, and is only an hour from the rolling hills and colors of San Francisco.

The stretch of valley and hills between the Mayacamas Range to the east and the Sonoma Mountains to the west encompasses Wine Country in its idyllic splendor. Riding with the top-down or cruising by bike, one can wind their way through the gentle curving roads into the historic hamlet of Kenwood, where Greystone Estate is located.

Sonoma is famous for its one-of-a-kind wine tastings

Founded in 1895, Kenwood’s charming homes and landmarks, such as the old train depot, ring around Plaza Park, where locals come together. Known as the “Heart of Sonoma Valley,” Kenwood is desired by couples looking for romance, and people wishing to visit rustic, family-run wineries like VJB Vineyards and Cellars. At preeminent wine estates such as Chateau St. Jean, one can stroll along the sprawling lawns, visit the heirloom gardens, and rest on the stone patios as they snack on a delicacy from the vineyards’ own charcuterie.

Walk along the gardens

You can sample the best of Sonoma-style cuisine in Kenwood, too. Local chefs use the freshest seasonal produce, line-caught fish, and meat from organic free-range farms and ranches. It is here where California’s cuisine gained international attention, and is now studied in culinary institutes the world over. Notable chefs and restaurateurs include Thomas Keller, John Ash, and Sondra Bernstein. The region boasts extensive culinary choices known for being healthy.

Tour Sonoma by hot air balloon

For fine Italian dining try Cafe Citti; or dine alfresco at the Kenwood Restaurant (sit by a roaring fireplace in the winter); melt with delight at the tastes at Dolce Luna; or stop by the Vineyard Inn for Spanish tapas.

Just a few minutes south of Kenwood is Sonoma’s center, with its own beautiful plaza, encircled by boutiques, wineries, restaurants, and landmarks. The region offers a glimpse of the old with a taste of the new.

A pleasant ride to the city of Santa Rosa takes you to a more urban setting, with upscale shops, restaurants and attractions like the Charles Schulz “Peanuts” museum and Safari West Wildlife Preserve.In addition to wine-tasting, visitors to Wine Country enjoy hiking, bicycling, and hot air ballooning. Hot springs and petrified forests are also popular.


Greystone Estate is the perfect place to stay for a group to enjoy Wine Country.

Aerial view of Greystone Estate

How I long to go to Bob and Bab’s Waterfall House

Bob & Bab’s living room window looks out to the creek

I, like everything else in New York City, am a transplant. I arrived in March of 2011, from Mexico via California where I was born and raised. I have called Brooklyn my home for over a year and a half now. It still feels exciting being here, still vibrant. In many ways I feel more at home here than anywhere in the world.

The waterfall in Autumn

But living in the Big Apple, it’s apparent that many people want to leave. I tell a local I’m from California and a gleam of light flashes across their eyes, followed by the question, “Why New York?” The more fortunate city-folk enjoy regular getaways where they escape the bright lights, go somewhere they can spot a star or two in the night sky, where the air is less tinged by exhaust. It is not enough that I listen to music while zigzagging through city traffic on my bicycle or wear earplugs when sleeping at night. The city noise will cut through.

That’s why when I want to get away, somewhere more exotic, I’ll look at travel photos, paintings, motion pictures, or allow myself to be transported through literature. While I enjoy looking at all kinds of images, I especially like looking at calm scenes of nature. To borrow the words of New York Times columnist David Brooks, I enjoy “lush open grasses, with thickets of trees and bushes, a water source, diversity of vegetation including flowering and fruiting plants and an unimpeded view of the horizon in at least one direction.” I guess we all do.

Waterfall house in Autumn

Working at Rentini, I view photos of vacation properties and their environments on a daily basis. I am often filled with awe at what I imagine life is like where these homes reside. That was how I felt when I saw Bob and Bab’s Waterfall House.

Located in the Catskill Mountains, tucked next to Woodstock in the town of Palentine NY, the Waterfall House is beautiful on the inside while surrounded by majestic nature on the outside. There is a waterfall, of course, but also a swimming hole and lush greenery and flowers at every turn. The environs have been the source of poetry, paintings, and pilgrimages by well-to-do seeking out it’s beauty.

Bob & Babs together outside their Woodstock home.

The owners of Waterfall House, Bob Malkan and Barbara (“Babs”) Kostas, have decorated their home in the charming style of a Dutch cottage – with fine art, antiques, and cool light painted walls. For them, as important as aesthetic earthiness and charm is comfort. Since they spend time there on occasion, they have cultivated a home that –if their guest book is any indication– has been the context of so many beautiful memories not only for each other, but for families, couples, and groups of friends.

Bob entered the vacation rental space to justify purchasing a charming second home on a whim. As a businessman, he wanted it not just because he liked it, but because it would be a good investment, for the pocket book but also for the life of the home.

Regular household items – jumbo sized!

Before entering into vacation rentals, Bob co-founded Think Big! stores, which specialized in “whimsical giant objects taken from everyday life”. Think BIG crayons, BIG toothbrushes, BIG pacifiers…BIG everything. To the surprise of many, Bob’s quirky vision was a success. One of his products was even featured in the blockbuster film Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks.

Bob and Bab’s penned a poem one day, inspired by their comfort of their waterfall home:

“Perched on the Edge of Time.

The Beauty and Serenity of a

Legendary Waterfall.

Breathe Deeply, Freely.

Immerse Yourself in the Cool

Waters of Swimming Holes Etched

in Ancient Rock.

 Relax, Refresh and Renew in this

Sunny and Bright, Charming

Victorian Home at the End of a

Quiet Country Road.”

What better way to get away than to visit Waterfall House?

Waterfall house, behind a picket fence.

The Cost-Friendly Caribbean – Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

This article comes to us from Tom Keller & Zoe Courtier, Geckoes Lodge, Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The Caribbean coast beaches are world renowned

Mention the Caribbean and mental images abound of breathtaking beaches, turquoise seas, tropical cocktails and dinner on a balmy veranda with a hibiscus tucked behind one ear.

It’s a glamorous destination that most of us have dreamed of on a rainy Monday behind the computer. But many of us also assume an accompanying big price tag and just dream on.

However, there are Caribbean gems which have it all without the hefty price tag. Now is the time to discover the east coast of Costa Rica, or, as Columbus called it, the ‘rich coast’.

It’s your affordable Caribbean.

Warm water, awesome surf

Puerto Viejo village lies on the south of The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and is the gateway to 16 kilometres of spectacular beaches and verdant rainforest. Untouched by the larger developers, small scale development on this coast is a bonus if you value originality and personal service. While the tourist majority head to the all inclusive resorts on the west coast the east coast reward is more rainforest and beach to yourself.

And ah, this rainforest… it’s the Caribbean experience in overdrive. Not for nothing do many refer to this area as a ‘Garden of Eden’ and film-makers choose it as their Robinson Crusoe and Tarzan backdrops. Forget manicured lawns and regimental flower beds. This is a a botanists and bird watchers paradise with flowers a metre long, trees that drip Tarzan vines and all running parallel to the coast. At many points this wonderful verdant jungle even drips into the ocean.

These colorful birds, known as Toucans, are just one of the many attractions in Costa Rica.

It would be a stunning backdrop to any beach even without adding the inhabitants. But you also have the howler monkeys swinging through the trees, ‘smiling’ sloths hanging around and the magnificent electric Blue Morpho butterfly fluttering by your beach towel. And then add the birds… Toucans sitting in palm trees, green parrots raucously heralding dusk and the magnificent pelicans fishing a few metres from you as you float on your back in a crystal clear sea.
Costa Rica’s east coast has everything to offer and more that you would expect from the ‘usual’ Caribbean experience: palm or rainforest-fringed sandy beaches to snorkel, dive or just relax on, an impressive array of restaurants, live local music and residents of 34 nationalities mirrored in the eclectic characters and colours of this vibrant and laid back coast.

Horseback riding

If you need a break from such hedonism, there are activities and trips in abundance … go horseback riding along the beach or through the rainforest, zip line through the canopy, go dolphin watching and catch some Snapper for supper, raft the Rio Pacuare for the ultimate adrenaline rush, learn to surf with experts who guarantee you’ll stand within the hour, or perhaps finally get that PADI certification and dive the coral reefs.

If you’re feeling ‘tranquilo’ try a Chocolate tour (with tasting of course), take a nature walk with certified guides and spot iguanas, Spider monkeys and the Poison Dart frogs, be dazzled with tropical flowers at the Botanical garden, or lie back and just be completely pampered at ‘Indulgence’ or ‘Pure Jungle’ spa.

But of course there’s still the option of lying in your hammock eyeing toucans over the top of your book.

Whatever day of the year and whatever you choose to do, you can be sure that you won’t be one of the masses. Crowds, tour buses and large groups don’t exist on this coast. Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is still relatively undiscovered and appeals to individual travelers: that could be the best news of all.

Most guidebooks and websites concentrate exclusively on the other coast so few people know that the Caribbean coast has its own micro climate. Here, there is no distinct dry or wet season and it’s hurricane-free, with an average balmy temperature of 27 degrees centigrade. Oh yes, and not unimportantly, the sun shines most days of the year!

The tropical climate of Puerto Viejo is certain to help you relax

Puerto Viejo and the settlements of Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo are strung like a necklace along this coast and offer plenty of accommodation options. So whether you’re looking for a hammock at Rocking J’s, a thatched cabana at Costa de Papito, a wood house at Finca Chica, a beach suite at Tree House or a luxurious house with your own private plunge pool at Geckoes Lodge, you’ll find more than enough choices to suit your style and budget.
So don’t just Dream Costa Rica Caribbean, Do it!

Tom Keller & Zoe Courtier own, manage and live at Geckoes Lodge in Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

In 2009, we opened Geckoes Lodge,  which is all about Barefoot Luxury. With just two luxury holiday houses, each with a private plunge pool, set in 2 hectares of beautiful rainforest, Geckoes is a place to ‘get away from it all’ but have spectacular beaches and all amenities close by.

Keeping our business small allows us to offer privacy and personal service in stunning surroundings. The houses are designed around the landscape rather than vice versa, minimizing the environmental impact and as a consequence, there’s more bird and animal life for our visitors to enjoy.

Feel Free: Holiday in Barefoot Luxury at Geckoes Lodge.

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