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Are Men or Women More Active on Social Media?

Today I came across this great analysis by Neil Patel about differences in demographics on social media. Because vacation rental business is a very unique niche I thought it’s very important to understand where your prospective clients spend most of their time.

A couple of years ago I read another study about who is doing all the prep work for an upcoming vacation. Although in our family all travel planning is done by me I wasn’t surprised to learn that in most of the cases it’s actually the opposite. Women take care of this task.

The infographic below gives you a clear picture of the best channels to market your vacation rental. Well, as long as you know who your clients are:

Who is more active on social media? Men or Women?
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

The New Trends for American Travelers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you and your family take a vacation last year?  77 percent travelers are for leusuresWhere did you go and what did you do?  Look at the trends of American travelers to see where you fall in.  Looking at data gathered over the past few years – we have created a picture of trends Americans have formed.

For people that traveled in the summer, the average trip will cost about $1,200.  With summer being the most popular season to go on vacation – that’s a lot of money!  Second place for most popular is the fall season.

That average trip cost will go up considerably if you are traveling to one of the top 5 costliest cities to vacation in – which includes New York City and Boston.  The type of activities we participate in for fitness sake includes walking, swimming, hiking, cardio machines, and biking.

See what other trends we have in common or not by checking out the infographic!

New top trends for american travelers

Infographic provided by Travel Advantage Network which aims to deliver extraordinary vacation experiences.

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