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Last Minute Holiday Ideas

Last minute holidays

With summer here, and the recent spout of hot weather, many are inspired to take some time off work and book a last minute holiday to enjoy the heat. Deciding on destination can be the most difficult part of your late booking, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some great last minute holiday ideas-

City Break in Amsterdam

Amsterdam at nightAmsterdam is a city that is well known for its energetic nightlife, relaxed attitudes and boozy antics, but beyond all this is a wealth of culture waiting to be visited. Netherlands’ capital city is home to an intricate canal system that can be enjoyed by either a boat trip or a stroll along its banks. Tourists can reflect on history by visiting the Anne Frank Museum and see the annex where the Frank family hid during the country’s occupation in World War Two.

The city houses a wealth of art that is historically and internationally renowned, with many of Van Gogh’s famous paintings available for viewing in the Van Gogh Museums, which includes other artifacts about the troubled artist’s life. Art lovers should also take a trip to the Rijksmuseum, which reopened in April 2013 after being renovated for the past ten years to see some of the Netherlands’ finest artworks.

Seaside Holiday in Cornwall

Cornwall, England by the sea The British weather has been extraordinarily hot recently, spurring many people to take a holiday and visit warmer parts of the British Isles. Head to the rugged south-west for a lovely beach holiday in Cornwall and spend your break visiting quaint seaside towns and attractions.

There are plenty of activities for those not interested in lounging around on the many sandy beaches Cornwall has to offer, with many tourists flocking to the artistic towns of St Ives and Newlyn to see how visiting and local artists have been inspired by the Cornish landscape. Head to the north part of the county to visit attractions like the historic smuggler’s den Jamaica Inn, and the modern bio-domes of the Eden Project.

Relax in a Tuscan Villa

Spicchio villa in TuscanyFor those that are searching for the ultimate, stress-free break, then renting a gorgeous Tuscan villa is a relaxing option for a last minute holiday. Perfect for both romantic getaways and family breaks, the Tuscan region of Italy is well known for its beautiful art, warm climate, delicious food, and wonderful landscapes.

Choose a self-catered rustic Tuscan villa with a pool, or a wonderful view and spend your tranquil retreat basking in the heat of the Italian sunshine, spending blissful evenings watching the sun set over the Tuscan countryside.

Hire a car to explore the region, visiting the breath-taking sites of the Tuscan cities of Florence and Sienna, to see infamous artworks like Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Of course, no visit to Italy is complete without a trip to one, or more, of the inspiring medieval and gothic cathedrals.

Hop on a Cruise

For those unable to decide on one destination, then a break on a cruise ship could be the perfect choice for your escape to the sun. Many Companies sail to multiple locations around the world, so it can be easier to find the right cruise holiday for you.

You could be soaking up the sun whilst visiting Caribbean islands, enjoying the sights of the Mediterranean, or being amazed at the Norwegian Fjords, all whilst experiencing the indulgence that a cruise ship delivers. Aboard a luxury ship, you will find plenty of activities to keep you occupied whilst you travel, with many having swimming pools, spas, and entertainment as standards.

Beth Stubbings works for To Tuscany, providers of wonderful Tuscan villa rentals. She thinks that there are plenty of great holiday destinations to choose from for that last minute booking.

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